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New New New

A little late on the Happy New Year to you all, but it’s not like the turmoil of 2020 ended like we had all hoped. That meme everyone was posting that said, “First rule of 2021, don’t talk about 2021.” Ya ok, that’s realistic, like all of the problems of 2020 will just disappear. That […]


Happy New Year!?

I guess it’s technically not Fall yet, but it feels like it and I want it to be. I know it’s not the New Year, but the way I see it (definitely a MollieAF way of seeing things), September is the start of a New Year. For me it’s when everything restarts/refreshes. I start purging […]

No Advertisements Please

People ask me quite often what I do. I don’t advertise my professions. I don’t really have websites where you can look up my services. I know I seem like an in your face type of person, but when it comes to work, I stay under the radar. I am a musician, I am a […]