Oh heyyyy! It’s been a while. I planned on writing again much sooner, but 2020 has been a bitch hasn’t it? I won’t pack everything into one post. I would pretty much be writing my next book if I did that, so I will just give you some teasers on what to expect from me in the coming days, weeks and months.

I have missed writing for you all, but I like to have a lot to unload rather then scrambling to find something interesting to talk about each week. Let’s be honest, my life is constantly filled with chaos and things to talk about, but with everything going on in the world and keeping an almost 5 year old happy through the consistent roller coaster that is 2020, I just needed a breather to focus on other things.

This past year has been like any other that any of us could have predicted, unless of course you are a conspiracy theorist. Who knew a deadly virus would come creeping up on us and attack at such a rapid rate? Who knew that the Orange Douche Bag in the White House could cause so much more turmoil? Who knew that we would take so many steps backwards in history with racism, women rights and democracy as a whole? It’s sad but with who we have running this country, or a lack thereof, it shouldn’t come as such a surprise that we all landed in the pits of hell.

So what has been going on with me? It’s been quite a year. So here are the teasers of what’s to come and hopefully I can organize it in a way for all of you that will be interesting, entertaining, educating and of course full of opinions. Please note, any and all of my opinions come from experience and things I know. I don’t have a strong opinion about anything that hasn’t affected my life personally or something I haven’t experienced for myself. Let me get to the teasers. I might forget some. Never a dull moment and since I love to go off on tangents, hit up your reality TV people. MOLLIEAF™ would be a fucking fantastic reality tv show….

  • My year started off pretty dramatic, lots of family drama. Some relationships I don’t have any interest in ever trying to repair and one in which I hope will repair soon.
  • Covid 19 rocked the world and my first few months consisted of driving all the way to Florida with my 4 1/2 year old and back to New York almost a month and a half later. Homeschooling, living in close quarters with family and developing a whole new form of anxiety that this pandemic betrothed upon us.
  • Coming back to New York and navigating a whole new normal. Once again embarking on another road trip, getting a new dog and taking some risks in the midst of continuing turmoil.
  • The decision to have a second child by myself… WAIT? She said what? Yes, a second child by myself.
  • My journey to get justice for the years of rape, sexual abuse, mental abuse and physical abuse that occurred for too many years. Remember the sociopath I have talked about? Hector Mendoza Jr., who works for Balt Getty in Los Angeles? Ya, that douche bag. Justice will be served and I will not stop fighting.

Among all of that, there is so much more. I will touch a lot on being a single parent, my views on politics, feeling unsafe in my own home because of celebrities that live in my building, women’s rights, racism, rape, parenting as a whole and my opinions and experiences on things that come up on a whim or I’m asked to touch on. This blog is for so many who want to have a voice, but are hesitant, you can speak through me, I am always here to help. This is a blog for parents, for people like me who are SINGLEAF, for those that want a good laugh or even a good cry. It’s all here in my beautiful life, Embracing the Chaos™, with hell of a lot of confidence.

Stay tuned. You will get it all right here, week to week.

Keep on Embracing the Chaos™



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