Hey hey, it’s Friday! Oh and it’s Labor Day weekend, but that’s not it! There’s more? YUP! Today I have launched my new website MollieAF.com and some new awesome merchandise for SingleAF. I know it’s a lot to take in and you thought that having an extra couple days off work was as exciting as it was going to get, but I love proving you all wrong, (that’s part of being MollieAF.)

I talk about MollieAF a lot if you haven’t noticed. It’s a way of life, a lifestyle if you will. You will get to know the MollieAF way of life very well. In launching MollieAF I have also revamped my coaching business. Yes, that’s right, things are a changing! I am taking on clients who are single parents, Women and Men. Those of you who are having trouble navigating the process of doing it all on your own and “embrace the chaos”. A little tagline I made up that encompasses my life to the T! I am also taking on clients of abuse, rape survivors/victims. I am one myself and have been to hell and back. I am very open about what happened to me and it was a long road to get to a place where I could talk about it and have confidence about who I am today and what I have been through. If you are struggling with “embracing the chaos” of single parenting or an abusive experience you have had that has rocked your world, I am your girl to help you through it! Not sure, but a little curious? My consultations are FREE!

I know it a little serious for a second there! As much as I would like life to be all shits and giggles, let’s be fucking real here, it’s not, but it can be most of the time even when you feel like you’ve been pushed in the dirt one too many times. Get back up, I promise it’s worth it and sometimes a little dirt on your face makes you look like a fucking badass! So go check out the new site, MollieAF.com. It will navigate you to the SingleAF blog which will stay active for the book, the merchandise and keep you updated on exciting future news of my book launch, more everyday chaos and helping you to achieve a MollieAF attitude.

Happy Labor Day weekend. Go grab a SingleAF wine glass or coffee mug from the store!

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