I guess it’s technically not Fall yet, but it feels like it and I want it to be. I know it’s not the New Year, but the way I see it (definitely a MollieAF way of seeing things), September is the start of a New Year. For me it’s when everything restarts/refreshes. I start purging everything from clothes to meaningless friendships. I focus on the year ahead and what needs to be done and believe me there is a lot brewing. This is my year! Summer is over (I am happy about it, don’t hate me!). It’s almost Halloween!! YUP, I know a lot of you are there with me on the excitement of Halloween! People are getting over jet lag, vacations and getting back into the swing of work. Kids are going back to school, it’s getting dark earlier, the weather is changing. I never really feel or do all these things after the REAL New Year, January 1st. So I am changing things, who is with me? I am celebrating the New Year in September. Just makes more sense to me, I will write it into the MollieAF rule book! HAHA!

A lot of changes are going to happen with me and my business. Everything takes time, but things are moving and no matter how hard it gets there is no giving up. Only thing I ever quit was swim team and to this day I still fucking think about that! I might have to join a local swim team to crush that guilt. OH GEEZ MOLLIE YOU SENSITIVE BEAST! I am hopeful for the year to come and my eyes are open to who is in my ring, who supports me and who I can potentially trust, lets just say it’s few and far between. NO, I am not even for a second asking for a pitty party. I would much rather be on my journey solo then have a bunch of fake people pretending to support me. It’s all good, believe me!

Short post, but I have been a bit MIA figuring out my next plan of attack on life and business, (see how I left out love, no love life here, single AF and loving it.). For those of you supporting me, thank you, for those of you who aren’t, but pretend you are ________________ …. Fill in the blank with whatever makes you feel good! I am sure we can all guess what I would fill in the blank with.

Don’t forget to hit up my new site MollieAF.com and HAPPY NEW YEAR 😉


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