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A little late on the Happy New Year to you all, but it’s not like the turmoil of 2020 ended like we had all hoped. That meme everyone was posting that said, “First rule of 2021, don’t talk about 2021.” Ya ok, that’s realistic, like all of the problems of 2020 will just disappear. That would have been amazing but also not how the real world works. Yes, MollieAF here, still delivering the real, raw honest truth not matter how brutal it may be to your manifestations and meditations. The good news…there is light, liberty and justice peeking its cute little face out at us, telling us to all be patient.

So what’s new with me? Well I am 5 months pregnant with a boy! Yes, I am still fertile as fuck and the IUI with the sperm donation I chose from California Cryobank took on the first try, may have mentioned that in the last post, but fuck it, I like repeating myself. In case anyone is wondering I did this through NYU fertility Clinic. One of the best fertility clinics on the East Coast that will help with all of your pregnancy needs. Still single as fuck and doing this all on my own. Showing the world you don’t need anyone to create the life that you want. Besides being pregnant, as we are all aware and to those choosing to pretend it doesn’t exist, we are still navigating this crazy pandemic, new variants and all! Yes, new variants, new strains of Covid. Clearly the title of this post tells no lies. But some of the best news, is that we got the Orange Douche bag out of the White House. So many did not believe this was possible and I am talking about people who wanted him out. None of us deserved 4 more years of hell. I guess this is a slow turn in the right direction and that is truly what matters.

In other news my rape case is also taking a slow turn in the right direction. Yes, the rape, in case anyone forgot or tried to ignore it because it makes you uncomfortable. The brutal rape that happened multiple times and resulted in my daughter being conceived? Well I haven’t stopped fighting and there will be justice served. To the ladies out there who don’t believe that anyone will believe you or that you waited too long…you still have a shot to speak up. It is never too late no matter what anyone tells you.

There is so much NEW that has developed just in the first weeks of 2021. The Capitol Riot, the far right with their crazy conspiracies and hatred, new vaccines, new babies, new Covid, so many new life changes that we are all going to have to adapt to in order to get back some type of normal. I definitely missed a few things. The amount of crazy going on this year is sometimes too much to wrap my head around. We are quite literally living in a mix of all the life altering, end of the world dramas that we all thought were made up for our entertainment. Are you entertained yet? Is it fun living in it yet? I am personally done, we get it, PLEASE STOP!

This post was really just a check in to drop a couple of updates and let you know I am still here and plan to dive into a lot of hot topics, good and bad.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Don’t be an asshole, wear a fucking mask!

Embrace The Chaos™


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